One Letter Better
A wordplay comedy gameshow!

OLB - S2E6 - Toothy Jerry

"Where the fuck is this going? Where the fuck did this start? Where the fuck is this gonna end? I don't understand this-"

OLB - S2E5 - Fight Bale

It's very important to know how far your cat is above sea level at all given times.

OLB - S2E4 - Love's Brine

"How's your fridge? Everyone else is getting pretty vulnerable here."

OLB - S2E3 - Slap Crumbs

If you flush me down the show's toilet, you'll never find out what Slurpz was going to be.

OLB - S2E2 - Rat Louse

Finally, an experience that puts an actual rat in your actual home.

OLB - S2E1 - Space Jam Rules

I think you'll find that it's actually speed dating for hedgehogs